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Joynes Family of Kent

November 26, 2010 21:43 - admin

The Joynes family of Frindsbury and Milton by Gravesend in Kent is one of the most important families on this genealogy site.

We had previously listed Richard Symonds Joynes (1780-1846) and his descendants with a good deal of confidence. However we ran into problems with his father James Leigh Joynes who was a prominent business man in Gravesend in the late 1700s. The IGI records on familysearch.org list a James Leigh Joynes being christened in 1738 at Saint Peter And Saint Paul, Milton By Gravesend, Kent and another in 1746 at the same church and of the same parents. But there is only one recorded death of a James Leigh Joynes during that period and that was in 1802.

Logic suggests that the first James died prior to 1746 and that it was the second one who died in 1802 but without proof we don't want to put (more) errors into this genealogy. So we've added James Leigh Joynes but without a date of birth until such time as we can prove our theory.

By adding James Leigh Joynes we've been able to finally add his father, Joseph Joynes, to our records. Hopefully one day we'll receive more information on the Joynes family of Kent.